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 Prompt tables for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge (Level 1)

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Serpent In Red
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The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
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PostSubject: Prompt tables for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge (Level 1)   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:32 am

So, here are the ten prompt tables.

Rather than putting the Miscellaneous tables as Table #1.10, I placed it at #1.8, since I want to talk about the last two tables. Most, if not all, of the prompts there involve movie names. We're not exactly asking for the movie names to be included in the story. Rather, we want to see how the movie inspired you to write your fic.

Take, for example, Back to the Future. Like I've said, the movie doesn't have to be necessarily in the fic, so you might want to write about how, let's say, Hermione travels back to the past and accidentally messes up her parents' marriage. Or something of the like.

Of course, at the end of the day, if you want to just use the name of the movie, you're free to do so, too, but I just thought that some kind of explanation is needed, just in case you're worrying about having to incorporate movie names into 10 different stories. Wink Razz

Beneath each Table, you'll find an html code. This is for people who would like to post the prompt tables on their LJ or their blogs. For example, you can refer here. That's one of the two prompt tables that I'm supposed to fill out.

Table #1.1: Colors Theme

01. Red 02. Orange
03. Yellow 04. Green
05. Blue 06. Indigo
07. Violet 08. Black
09. White 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Red</td><td>002.</td><td>Orange</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Yellow</td><td>004.</td><td>Green</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Blue</td><td>006.</td><td>Indigo</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Violet</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Black</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>White</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.2: Weather/Nature Theme

01. Spring 02. Summer
03. Autumn 04. Winter
05. Rain 06. Snow
07. Cloud 08. Lightning
09. Thunder 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Spring</td><td>002.</td><td>Summer</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Autumn</td><td>004.</td><td>Winter</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Rain</td><td>006.</td><td>Snow</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Cloud</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Lightning</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Thunder</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.3: Room theme

01. Living room 02. Kitchen
03. Bedroom 04. Bathroom
05. Hallway 06. Library
07. Guest room 08. Backyard
09. Balcony 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Living room</td><td>002.</td><td>Kitchen</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Bedroom</td><td>004.</td><td>Bathroom</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Hallway</td><td>006.</td><td>Library</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Guest room</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Backyard</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Balcony</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.4: Horror Theme

01. Ghost 02. Vampire
03. Werewolf 04. Alien
05. Poltergeist 06. Voodoo
07. Black magic 08. Serial killer
09. Monster 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Ghost</td><td>002.</td><td>Vampire</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Werewolf</td><td>004.</td><td>Alien</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Poltergeist</td><td>006.</td><td>Voodoo</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Black magic</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Serial killer</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Monster</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.5: Adventurer Theme

01. Pirates 02. Dinosaurs
03. Treasure hunting 04. Island
05. Bottom of the ocean 06. Space
07. Mountain 08. Ocean
09. Mermaid 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Pirates</td><td>002.</td><td>Dinosaurs</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Treasure hunting</td><td>004.</td><td>Island</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Bottom of the ocean</td><td>006.</td><td>Space</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Mountain</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Ocean</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Mermaid</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.6: Mythology Theme

01. Zeus 02. Hades
03. Poseidon 04. Hera
05. Athena 06. Aphrodite
07. Apollo 08. Ares
09. Thor 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Zeus</td><td>002.</td><td>Hades</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Poseidon</td><td>004.</td><td>Hera</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Athena</td><td>006.</td><td>Aphrodite</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Apollo</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Ares</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Persephone</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.7: Romance Theme

01. Roses 02. Chocolate
03. Dance 04. Dinner
05. Love Potion 06. Formal wear
07. Serenade 08. Propose
09. Marriage 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Roses</td><td>002.</td><td>Chocolate</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Dance</td><td>004.</td><td>Dinner</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Love potion</td><td>006.</td><td>Formal wear</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Serenade</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Propose</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Marriage</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.8: Miscellaneous

01. Beach 02. Parody
03. Computer 04. Tears
05. Laughter 06. Breakfast
07. Lunch 08. Whip
09. Camping 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Beach</td><td>002.</td><td>Parody</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Computer</td><td>004.</td><td>Tears</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Laughter</td><td>006.</td><td>Breakfast</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Lunch</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Whip</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Camping</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.9: Sci-fi Theme

01. Doctor Who 02. Star Trek
03. Star Wars 04. Stargate
05. The Matrix 06. 1984
07. The Time Machine 08. Aliens
09. Inception 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>Doctor Who</td><td>002.</td><td>Star Trek</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Star Wars</td><td>004.</td><td>Stargate</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>The Matrix</td><td>006.</td><td>1984</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>The Time Machine</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Aliens</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>Inception</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

Table #1.10: Disney Theme

01. The Lion King 02. Cinderella
03. Snow White 04. Pirates of the Caribbean
05. Beauty and the Beast 06. The Little Mermaid
07. Mary Poppins 08. Enchanted
09. National Treasure 10. Writer's Choice

<table border="2" cellpadding="3" cellspacing="2"><tbody><tr><td>001.</td><td>The Lion King</td><td>002.</td><td>Cinderella</td></tr><tr><td>003.</td><td>Snow White</td><td>004.</td><td>Pirates of the Caribbean</td></tr><tr><td>005.</td><td>Beauty and the Beast</td><td>006.</td><td>The Little Mermaid</td></tr><tr><td>007.</td><td>Mary Poppins</a></td><td>008.</td><td>Enchanted</td></tr><tr><td>009.</td><td>National Treasure</td><td>010.</td><td>Writer's Choice</a></td></tr><tbody></table>

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Prompt tables for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge (Level 1)
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