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 Prizes, Guideline, Rules, and FAQs for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge

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PostSubject: Prizes, Guideline, Rules, and FAQs for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge   Sat Apr 07, 2012 12:37 am

Why do we call it the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge?

As opposed to other prompt challenges, we separate them into 3 levels: 10 prompts, 25 prompts, and 50 prompts. When you accomplish each step, you'll earn a prize, especially customized for you. To finish the first level (step), you'll have to finish 10 different prompts. For the second level, you'll have to finish 15 prompts. Finally, for the third level, you'll have to finish 25 prompts. Therefore, at the end, you'll end up with a total of 50 different 1,000+ words fics.

We realize that some people like to get 50 prompts immediately, so that they have all the choices in front of them immediately, not to mention the fact that inspiration often strikes at the strangest moments. However, we figure that doing this step-by-step will lower the scariness level of the challenge, since some people might get frightened just by looking at 50 prompts. Nonetheless, we do plan to release 50 prompt tables in the future. So if you want to sign up for that, let us know. You'll still get the prizes as indicated below, but you'll get all 50 words at once, rather than getting it level by level.

Prizes for finishing the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge:

10-Prompt Challenge: A personalized avatar

25-Prompt Challenge: A personalized banner

50-Prompt Challenge: ??? - It's a surprise ^^.


1. Choose a prompt table from the ten prompt tables here.

2. Sign up for the challenge here.

3. Start writing your stories.

4. Post your stories here.

5. When you are finished with all of the prompts, post here to let us know, so we can make an avatar for you. ^^

6. Feel that 10 prompts was a piece of cake? Strive for the title of "Successful Challenger of the 25-Prompt Challenge." We call it 25-Prompt Challenge, but you're really just finishing an additional 15 more prompts, since you've already done 10 prompts for the 10-Prompt Challenge.

7. Go to the 25-Prompt Tables thread (coming soon) and choose the prompt table you want.

Note: You will notice that the first 10 prompts of each theme will be the same as the one for the 10-Prompt Challenge. If you choose the same theme as the one you've done for the 10-Prompt Challenge, you'll only have to do the prompts that you haven't done yet.

However, if you decide that you want to try a different theme, then you can randomly choose 15 prompts from that table and complete those.

8. Go here and sign up. Remember to put down what theme you'll be writing for.

9. Start writing your stories.

10. Post the stories  here.

11. When you are finished writing all 25 prompts, let us know (thread coming soon), so we can make a banner for you.

12. Guidelines for 50-Prompts Challenge coming soon.


1. Tomione/Volmione stories ONLY.

2. One prompt, one story. You cannot write one story and then claim to have used two prompts. It won't work here, sorry. That means, at the end, you should have 10 stories for the 10-Prompt Challenge and 25 stories for the 25-Prompt Challenge.

3. Stories should have a word count of at least 1,000 words. We're making banners for people who accomplish this, therefore, we think it's fair to ask for at least 1,000 words. Take note that the challenges on LJ are mostly 50-prompts and 100-prompts that needs to be completed before the challengers get banners. Smile

4. NO mixing and matching when you choose a prompt table. That means if you choose one prompt table, you can't substitute one of the prompts with a prompt from another table. You can, however, pick a different theme when you achieve a new level in the challenge (i.e. after you finish the 10-prompt challenge and are planning to start the 25-prompt challenge, or after you finish the 25-prompt challenge and are planning to start the 50-prompt challenge). Mixing and matching is now allowed. However, you will have to specify which prompts you'll be doing when you sign up. Once your request have been accepted, please refrain from changing prompts.

5. You may exchange your prompt table for another. However, keep in mind that if you've already started on your initial prompt table, the stories you've written for the old prompt table will not be counted towards the ten you need to write. Unless you can explain how the story(ies) that you've written fits in with one of the prompt words of your new table Razz.


(Disclaimer: Everything's inspired much by The Ultimate FanFic Challenge over at LJ. Q2 is copied word for word from the LJ, minus a heart and plus an A2. Wink)

Q1: Am I allowed to post my stories elsewhere, too?

A1: Yes, of course. It is your story after all, so post wherever you want, but it will be nice if you mention that your inspiration came from the prompts on this forum. Wink

Q2: How central do the prompt words have to be to the story?

A2: The word does not have to be in the fic. The fic simply has to at least suggest the word. Any take on the word. Don't feel the need to stick to the implied meaning.

Q3: I want to do the 50-Prompt Challenge right away. Am I allowed to do so?

A3: Sure, however, we don't have all the prompt tables written out yet, so when you're signing up, just let us know you want a 50 prompts challenge. You have several options to go about this:

I. Do five 10-prompt tables

II. Do two 25-prompt tables

III. Request for a 50 prompt table

If you choose the third option, give us your preferred theme and we'll write that table out in advance for you. If you don't have a preferred theme, then we'll use more generic terms (i.e. random terms) to create that table for you.

Q4: Do I have to do everything in order?

A4: Nope. If you want, you can do #10 of your prompt table first, followed by #3, followed by #7, etc. In short: You can do your prompt table in any order you want.

Q5: Are there any deadlines?

A5: No deadlines at all. Well, I suppose it will be nice if you can, you know, finish the prompts before Serp, Nerys, and Miya dies, since if you finish it after that, we probably can't give you your gifts. Razz

Q6: Can I do crossovers?

A6: Sure, as long as you have both Tom/Voldemort and Hermione in them, everything's good to go.

Q7: What ratings are allowed?

A7: All ratings are allowed. However, explicit adult content may NOT be posted in the forum. If you wrote an explicit scene for one of the prompts, we ask that you post it elsewhere and just post the link in the forum for stories for the prompt challenge WITH warnings that there will be adult content if one follows the link and they should be of legal age in their countries before accessing the website.

Q8: When should I post the stories?

A8: You may post them all at once or one at a time; you may post your stories simultaneously over at FFnet, AFFnet, or whatever. We're not very fussy about this about this. :)However, if you want your prize at the end, you'll need to post your stories or links to them here.

Q9: What about OCs? Can they appear in the stories?

A9: Sure, as long as they don't become the main character or focus of the story.

Q10: Can I have other pairings in the stories?

A10: The central pairing of your stories should be Tomione/Volmione, but if you want to mention other pairings, by all means.

Q11: How many prompt tables can I claim at once?

A11: As many as you want. If you claim 5 at a time, we'll assume that you're trying for the 50 prompt challenge though. Wink

Q12: What about AUs?

A12: Yes, as long as you follow the rules above and the characters are identifiable as them. If you decide to make them completely OOC or Mary Sue-ish/Gary Stuish ... well ... there's no one's there to stop you.

Any other questions, feel free to post here. Smile

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Prizes, Guideline, Rules, and FAQs for the Step-by-step Prompt Challenge
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