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 Tertius Vita Review Replies

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Minister for Foreign Affairs

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PostSubject: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Sun Sep 09, 2012 9:32 am

Anon FFNet Reviews for Tertius Vita:

Mel wrote:
i havent read the rest of the chapter yet but i just thought to myself that if
i was in Hermione's position i would feel sorry for Lavender if Ron was just
using her to get back at Hermione as it is mean! anyways on to more reading...
good story!

Hi Mel, I'd have to disagree with you. Personally, I think Hermione wouldn't be too bothered and always got the impression that Lavender was a daft cow anyway. Not to mention her way obvious smooching with Ron at school even though Hermione's crush on him would have been quite evident. I don't think much love was lost between those two girls. But thanks for reading and I hoped you enjoyed the rest of the story Smile

Pampered Princess wrote:
I love this, it's such an interesting story, very engaging
too, I love the plot and unique ideas. I've been reading this for the past
couple of days, and what can I say? It's exceeded my wildest expectations, and
I've really enjoyed learning more about Hermione and all the troubles she gets
into. I look forward to reading more, and I hope that you'll update soon.
*cough, cough* I'm dying from the suspense here...

Thank you very much for your review! I do like to try and write Tomione's which are have a bit of a twist, as, let's face it, you can be confined in this fandom. Well, I hope your still not dying from suspense because I'm about to update and it would suck if you missed it! But thank you for your most lovely compliments, you're very sweet!

just an ordinary 17 year old wrote:
i 've just loved this story so far and there
isn't a single thing that could be described or said better. i have to tell
you that you are an amazing author, and you also have great imagination and
everything just fits so perfectly together. i was so excited that i have
finally found some decent tom/hermione fiction, cause most are just plain
boring and are unable to hold my interest for a longer period of time... your
2 stories are currently one of my favourite stories here on fanfiction and
that definitely means something because i am a bit of a perfectionist, at
least when it comes to personalities of characters and you did a great job
there-everything is just so believable and there are no terrible occ-ness.
plesase don't stop writing, you are donig it really good. i know that it's
hard to find the time for everything, and updates doesn't have to came
regularly, but please keep them coming. i've noticed that you haven't updated
for aproximaly 2 months (just a little, eventhough obvious observation that
has no secret meaning or agenda), but please don't give up on this story, but
like i said no pressure. patience is a virtue and if i keep telling myself
that then maybe i'll start actually believing it (just joking, but honestly no
pressure, just me being, well myself actually). you 're a great writter and
dont let anyone discourage you or shatter your dreams and your faith in
yourself and your abilities and keep writing if you enjoy doing it , cause i
can safely say that (i am not talking just for myself here) and am writing to
tell you that there are definitely people who enjoy reading it, besides me.
please forgive me if there are some unintentional grammar and/or spelling
mistakes, you see, english is not my native language (i am from croatia, a
lovely country that one is, europe in case you don't know where it is, usually
people don't know where it's located, and now i just have to tell you where
it's located: [but i hope that you can forgive me if you already know that
little piece of information or even if you're not interesting in finding out
and i am uselessly taking away your time with my inability to shut up, or stop
writing when i lose train of thoughts, doing it again, sorry.] right across
italy with the most perfect sea in the world:the adriatic sea, hope you heard
about it) and for tiring you with my very extensive review.

lots of kisses and best of wishes from usually very warm and sunny split, that
is for now to everyone's heart's content covered in snow (even if it is for a
very short time).

yours ever faithfully and always in your debt(for 2 such beautiful stories Wink)

lidija (Croatian version, as an opposite to english-lidya)

p.s. i am sincearly sorry for bothering you. i admit i got carried away a
bit(yeah i know it's more then just a bit), and please don't feel obligated to
answer me, not that you actually can because i don't have an account here, but
that's beside the point. i just wanted to tell you that i don't usually do
reviews but you inspired me to write one. in hope you won't really quit
writing this story(sometimes life can get in the way and be more then just a
little tricky and demand your full attention and devotion, and i understand if
your sittuation is like that).

Hello Lidija, wow. That's all I can say. That is, by far, probably the nicest review I have ever received. You are very kind, and when I first received your review, my head didn't fit through the door way for a good couple of days (haha).
Thank you for your feedback on my characterisation. This is something I take very seriously, as I hate OOCness very much as well. So I always try to have them behave the way I would imagine them to. And there's nothing more disappointing than the lack of good characterisation in the Tomione fandom. I, personally, would take good characterisation over perfect grammar and spelling.
No, I haven't given up on this story... I just hit a really hard brick wall, and it took me a while to get around it. This chapter has been written many times and in my frustration I have wanted to throw my computer against a wall several times because of it, lol. But I have finally made it! which is awesome. And I do feel really good about this story and where it is going.
I've also been quite busy with my other stories, and I have a small family which occupies a lot of my time Wink So, yeah ... but this chapter was always in the back of my mind.
Thank you for your compliments on my writing Smile I'm always trying to improve. I started writing fan fiction as a creative outlet and practice ... the feedback I have received has gone beyond any expectations I had about my stories. The Tomione fandom is one of the coolest fandoms, as the readers are so passionate about the stories and the characters. It's a special fandom.
Yes, I know where Croatia is! It's a very beautiful country from the pictures I have seen... and has become mighty popular as a tourist destination for Australians. Unfortunately I have never been, but hope to get to Europe one of these days and take a cruise to Croatia. And your english is fine Smile I didn't have any trouble reading it.
And don't feel bad for a long review! This is the kind of review that all writers on this site cherish. And honestly, yours was one of the reviews I went back and read when my self esteem hit an all time low with regards to this story and trying to update it. Thank you for making me feel special Very Happy I'm only sorry it took me so long to write this. Thank you again xox

cherry7 wrote:
this is a good story! hope you update Smile

Thank you and you're in luck! an update is almost here! Cheers Smile

A Pleased Reader wrote:
Job well done. Please continue writing, I eagerly await your

Thank you for taking the time to review. I'm glad you enjoyed it and please enjoy the updated!

clausquesous wrote:
Omg I read this entire story in one sitting, you're such a great
writer! I noticed that you haven't updated since 2011, but I do hope you
continue this story, it's so clever! And the end, where you left us hanging
with Rabastan...So tantalizing! Anyways, I hope you're doing well, I'm going
to start on your other story, which also promises to be very interesting!

Hehe, thank you! and I hope your bum didn't hurt and that you took toilet breaks ;P Seriously though, thanks for the compliments. And yes, apologies for the slow update... this chapter has been a long road. But I'm here! Ah, yes, Rabastan has certainly sped things up. Anyway, hope you enjoy the update!

Shanna wrote:
Starting to read this story now while I wait for updates on your other
fic Smile Even though you say in this chapter that its your first try at it the
writing is fantastic! Smile Already into the story and plot... Your fics always
make me fasinated in whats going to happen next!

Haha ... Well, I'm glad you liked it - my mission is complete Wink Yes, I was all bright eyed and bushy tailed when I first started, so I was a bit nervous in sharing. I hope you enjoyed the rest of the story and thank you for reviewing!

just another reader wrote:
omg! this is really good! i hope you update soon
because i have a feeling the story is just getting started Smile good luck with
the baby, and uni and all that! but please find time for this story *begs on
bended knees* i promise to leave a review on every chapter Wink

Haha, the story is actually at a turning point to end! but there will be a follow-up. Thank you for your best wishes, and yes, I did eventually find time to work on this story. Ah, a review for each chapter? I'll hold you to that! Even though you are completely anonymous, lol. Thank you for reading though, and I appreciate your feedback very much!

Rebecca wrote:
I had started reading this fanfiction months ago, but then I
accidently closed the web page, and lost the story. I had tried looking for it
forever, and had decided that I would never find it again... but I did today.
Is chapter 20 going to be the last chapter because i think you should
continue. This fanfic has a great story line and a great plot. i find it very
interesting to read. Please continue!

Well, I'm glad you found it again! I've had that happen to me before - so annoying! I get obsessed in finding them again, lol until I do! No, some more to come, I just hit a brick wall and didn't update for a while. Well, my muse did anyway - poor thing! Thank you for your lovely feedback. I'm glad you enjoyed the story so far, and that you continue to enjoy it!

amonlyreading wrote:
i was like...OMG this is it!
then when i got to the bottom of the page i realized that this is the last
AAAAAHHHHHHHH dang i was so enthralled that i didn't notice that simple
hmmmp now im really really disappointed that i don't get to read what happens

Nice cliffy by the way...
PLEASE PLEASE I BEG OF YOU...continue this story..
with lots of ice cream and gazillion of sprinkles on top..with cheery of

LOL, well you're in luck that you discovered the story right before I'm updating, because I haven't updated in so long! But seriously, thank you for such a nice review XD
And thank you for the ice cream (yes, don't ever forget the cherry, lol)! I can also be bribed by money, jewels, a naked Sirius Black or dark chocolate ... so that's just a hint ;P

"See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things."
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Minister for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs

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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Sun Jan 27, 2013 12:58 am

funnygirl wrote:
Hermione is rather an adorable drunk.

Haha, she is, isn't she? One thing I wish I could see in canon ;P

vamp1987 wrote:
Yeah, Hermione is stuck. While he is seemingly giving her a choice,
Tom has never been good with sharing his toys. The boy is very possessive. I
think a no is not going to get her out of that room anytime soon. Actually, it
might cause her to be in there longer.

Yep, totally agree! Well, we'll see how they both play things in the next chapter. They both have their little games going on. Anyway, thank you for reviewing!

Guest wrote:
beautiful shan!

Why thank you!!! Smile

Aerin wrote:
You know the snarky side of me can't help but think that Hermione really
should try looking at the bright side of things. Like you know, maybe her
boyfriend turned out to be Voldemort but at least she doesn't need to worry
anymore about telling him that she's a witch and all.

And if that's not enough, well then at least she's not Kingsley who has to
tell Harry that 1) Voldemort is still alive, 2) Kingsley hid this fact from
Harry, 3) Hermione's new boyfriend is you know who, 4) no, that's not a joke,
5) yes, Kingsley hid this from everyone too, 6) Hermione's missing after being
last seen in the company of Voldemort and one of his death eaters, and 7)
someone needs to fix this mess and guess who the most obvious candidate is. I
can't exactly see that conversation going well for the minister there.

Anyway great chapter. Loved all of it except for the fact that it ended on a
bit of a cliffie. So yeah, am crossing my fingers that you'll finish the next
chapter sooner rather later. Very Happy

Haha, you know, that is a wonderful "glass half full" view. Definitely gets the awkward "magic" conversation out of the way! Lol, that made me laugh.

Poor Kingsley. I feel bad for doing such a number on him, because I do actually like his character in the books. But, you know, it's an example of how even the loveliest and most well-meaning people can make such stupid mistakes. I see it happen time and time again even in my own work place. But yeah, there will be more from that coming up in the next chapter.

Well, this wait is not as long as the last, but apologies anyway! Thank you for such a nice review, and I'm glad you enjoyed it!

cg687 wrote:
I am in love with this story! Please please please keep writting it!

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! and I shall Smile

lazylibra wrote:
the whole story of urs is great...nt to mention quite refreshing
compared to the time travel fics...
U've ended the chaptr at quite an interesting place...
So nw hermione knws!
I cant wait to see wht her next course of action will be...
I also am interestd to see that how much tom/voldermort would sacrifice,
negotiate or u can say tolerate to kee hermione with him...
Really cant wait for ur next update...
Pls update asap

Thank you very much, I'm glad you enjoyed it Smile
Yep, Hermione knows, so she's got to get through her emotions and work out what to do next!
We will find out more this chapter about their decisions.
Well I'm editing the next chapter, so as long as I don't decide to rewrite any major aspects (I don't think that will happen), I should be okay!
Thank you again for the lovely feedback!

"See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things."

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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Sun Jan 27, 2013 1:04 pm

Shan84 wrote:

Guest wrote:
beautiful shan!

Why spank you!!! Smile

Eh, unfair! Why didn't the rest of us get a "spank you"? rofl

I haven't failed. I've succeeded in finding 1,000 methods that don't work.
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Minister for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs

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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Sun Jan 27, 2013 5:34 pm

I you wanted a spanking, Nerys, you only had to ask!!! ^^

"See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things."
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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Mon Jan 28, 2013 3:11 am

Love the latest chapter! Can't wait to see what Hermione decides to do in the end Smile
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Minister for Foreign Affairs
Minister for Foreign Affairs

Posts : 878
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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   Tue Jan 29, 2013 4:03 am

Thank you! I'm so glad you enjoyed it, and yes more drama to come Wink

"See simplicity in the complicated.
Achieve greatness in little things."
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PostSubject: Re: Tertius Vita Review Replies   

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Tertius Vita Review Replies
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