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Where supporters of Tomione congregate.
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 Introducing ... new sub-forums in the review replies forum.

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Serpent In Red
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness

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PostSubject: Introducing ... new sub-forums in the review replies forum.   Mon Oct 07, 2013 2:15 pm

Okay, some of you might've noticed, if you've already checked out the review replies forum, that there are a list of sub-forums at the top of the page. These were created so that the different authors with three or more threads of review replies can find their threads more easily and to keep the forum a bit neater.

Any member who has three or more review replies threads in the review replies forum may apply for a sub-forum. However, please keep in mind that having your own sub-forum does not mean that you have absolute power over it. The general rules of the forum still apply there and we (the admins and mods) expect you to follow them.

Additionally, if you make a review replies thread, we expect you to keep review replies to the same story in the same thread. Which means, if you have ten different threads for the same story, you are not eligible to apply for a sub-forum.

Please take note that the URLs for your review replies threads remain the same after the move. That means that if you've posted the URL to your review replies thread on another site, you wouldn't have to change them.

For people who have sub-forums, if you need to make new threads for review replies, please make them in your respective sub-forums.

As of right now (October 8, 2013) there are a total of five people with three or more review replies threads:

Lady Miya
Serpent In Red

"Don’t get attached to unpopular ships because you will run out of fic and die"

~mccoysbone from Tumblr

"The stages of shipping:

1. “Oh, look! They’re so cute together!”

2. “Hm. This fanfiction/art is good! I wonder if there’s any more…”

3. *runs out of fanfiction/art to look at*

4. *writes fanfiction/draws fanart*

5. -the characters are in the same frame in the show- “LOOK! LOOK! THEY’RE SO CANON! OMG!”

6. *feels physical pain from shipping two mega dorks*

7. *the ship ruins your life*"

~mylifeisbasicallynetflixandfood from Tumblr
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Introducing ... new sub-forums in the review replies forum.

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