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A place where Tomione fans congregate.
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 General rules for the forum (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP AND POSTING)

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Serpent In Red
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
Serpent In Red

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PostSubject: General rules for the forum (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP AND POSTING)   Fri Feb 24, 2012 5:51 pm

Okay, we try not to be bitches (yeah, riiiiight) when we're not PMS-ing. However, we do want some kind of order around here so that we don't get into fights, dramas, etc. Many of these are really common sense, but we don't want to go through the regular "Oh, but you didn't tell me and you haven't stated it anywhere."

So we decided to make a general rules for the forum. If you haven't read through this ... well, you wouldn't be reading this either, and we can assume that everything's on your head it is.

1. Introductions are mandatory. If you sign up and fail to make an intro post within 5 days, we will ban you.

2. Respect other people's ships, regardless of what they ship.

3. Light-hearted teasing is allowed, but when the person you direct your teasing towards tells you to stop, s/he means stop, and we as admins/mods expect you to stop. If you do not, we reserve the right to delete your posts. We'll be lenient enough and give you three chances on this part. Once you hit strike three, you're out as in you get banned.

4. In the General Chat area, when talking about politics and religion, gender/rascism/sexism issues and so forth, we understand it can get heated, but we do not allow trolling in such highly personal threads and we reserve the right to intervene in any manner we see fit. That can vary between a simple warning, a locking of a thread, or a ban, depending on the severity of what occurred.

5. Normal everyday etiquette and web etiquette counts. We know how easy it is to forget, but try to remember that there's another human being on the other end of the Internet.

6. Please remember that not everyone has high-speed Internet. Therefore, when you are sharing pictures and want to post the images here or add banners to your signature, please refrain from making them an overly huge size. Try to limit it to 700*200 in size. If we see a banner in the signatures that are so huge that it's interfering with regular surfing, we will delete it or resize it for you.

Also, if you use a gif for you signature, please refrain from using pics that can cause epileptic seizures - in other words, please do not use gifs with rapidly flashing images.

7. Changes to the general rules will be posted under the Announcement thread. We don't expect EVERYONE to read it because that's not what everyone's here for anyway. If it's a problem that seems to be getting out of hand, we will PM everyone in regards to changes in the rules, so again: On your head it is if you break the general rules too many times.

8. The host for this forum does NOT allow adult content. Therefore, any and all adult content can only be posted on other websites and then you may post a link here. HOWEVER, please put appropriate warnings whenever you post a link.

9. If you break any of the rules, we reserve the right to ban you (with or without warning) at our discretion.

We don't want to ban anyone and, like you, we're here really just to have fun. We want to treat this like an online home so to speak, which is why we set these rules. So, just try your best to keep to the rules. We understand occasional slip-ups, but we just don't want things to get way out of hand before we try to do something to stop it. Preventive measures, you see. Smile

10. If you haven't posted more than 5 posts within a course of ONE month, we will BAN your account. We don't think it's too much to ask. After all, we're not asking you to post every single day. We prefer not to have lurkers hanging around in the forum because some of the stuff we post might be a bit more on the personal side. Therefore, if you want to remain a member of the forum, please make an effort to at least make 5 posts within a month.

11. NO TEXT SPEAK, please. By this, we mean "plz dont type lik dis." Not only is it hard for people who are not native speakers of English to understand this, many native speakers find this difficult to read, too. Therefore, please refrain from using text speak and l33t speak in the forums.

Rules that we hope you follow but won't really get you banned unless we figure you're doing these things on purpose just to annoy us:

1) There are different categories/forums. When you're posting a new topic, make sure you're posting it in the right forum. We'll remind you the first couple of times, but when this get out of hand, and we're positive that you're just trolling, we'll ban you.

2) When you post a new topic, check to make sure there isn't another topic that's exactly like the one you're posting. If there are duplicate posts, we will, unfortunately, have to move it to the Trash Bin where it will be deleted in 30 days time.

3) We don't mind double posting. In some other occasions, we realize that there's something called "butterclicks" in which you click the "send" button one times too many. However, when you press send and the webpage if obviously moving, try not to press the refresh button again and again because sometimes, that'll cause duplicate copies of the same message to appear in the thread.

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Serpent In Red
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
The Troll Empress and Master of Sappiness
Serpent In Red

Posts : 1566
Join date : 2012-02-24
Location : Gutter City

PostSubject: Re: General rules for the forum (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP AND POSTING)   Mon Sep 29, 2014 6:23 am

Bumping this post up since we're making intro posts mandatory now. It's now officially rule number one.

If you fail to make an intro post within 5 days after you sign up, our mods will be ban happy.


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General rules for the forum (READ BEFORE SIGNING UP AND POSTING)
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